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Thread: Disappointment Thread

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    Disappointment Thread

    So lately theres been alot of posts about "Accomplishments" (Disgust) and not enough about DISAPPOINTMENTS. Like that time you figured out that getting a 4 def 1 protection armor WASN'T going to mean you were invincible, or the time you found out that your dex REALLY ISN'T ALL THAT. Let's have a disappointment thread (No screenies needed).

    My biggest disappointment- I acquired Falcon about a month ago, one month later and I'm a Falcon Justice. When I first got Falcon I was all excited and thought I could FINALLY solo a golem. 1 month later, I'm a Falcon Justice and STILL can't solo a golem. (If I had Final Hit and/or 2 seconds smash load time instead of 2.5, this would be ALOT easier.)

    Second Biggest disappointment- Figuring out that having over 150 hp from combat mastery DOES NOT help in any significant way in Ciar Advanced.

    Third Biggest Disappointment- Upgrading my longbow to be 26-32 damage DID NOT suddenly make me All-Powerful overnight, it just increased my damage by about 5.

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    when i found out haveing 296 int did nothing to my magic significent
    also when i found out you cant go back to pally now im staying rank 2 dk

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    When I found out life was not the way the movies made it out to be. *cries*

    Ok, hopefully someone will realize this time that you can cut the sarcasm with a knife.

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    That evil wizards can steal your magic power

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    Ver 48 hours if hunting FB10 and no drop, not even Fiodh Int for 4? Nah... not disappointing. Finding out my melée still fails with a Goddess Wooden Blade? Not too amazing. Finding out that I'm broke in-game and IRL? Very disappointing.

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    Realizing I can't rebirth on KR even after I finished G9 because G10 also has a difficulty increase at total level 300. I'm at like level 285. And G10 is more solo so going at lower difficulty is recommended.

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    When i kept getting gang b***** by Kobolds in Math

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    There aren't enough weapons!
    Where are the spears and over sized battle axes?

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    javelins and Great Axe.

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    Re: Disappointment Thread

    Lets see.....

    Charge Skill
    AR Stamina increase x__X
    HUGE cp gain from too much Windmill and Smash....urgh.
    Advanced Magic for overpowered Mages
    AIDS from Mirage Missile when someone sets it off in the middle of dunby
    and...... last but not least, PERVS ON MABI. =(

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