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    Post IRC Guideline

    There is a framework of guidelines which every channel member must follow. While most people are polite and respectful, there are some who adopt disrespectful and ill-advised mannerisms. Mabinogi World will employ a set of regulations as precautions to maintain our discussion under control.

    Please be aware that we do not wish to censor anyone's opinions, but only act in accordance to misconducts that may endanger the integrity of our network (websites and IRC channel). Once a message is perceived inappropriate, we will take pertinent actions to preserve our channel relatively with good taste.

    Thus, operators of the channel hold the right to request a change of discussion or forbid a discussion. If you do not agree with the mandate or do not understand the reason, contact the operator in query.

    If you continually violate the following set of rules, you will be banned from the channel. Operators have the last say in what activity is worthy of a ban or temp-ban, even if these current rules do not yet cover the reason for a ban specifically.

    Note: #mabinogi is a 13+ channel, users under age 13 will be banned.

    We do not allow nicknames that are misleading, promotional, offensive or disruptive.

    NOTE: In IRC nicknames cannot contain spaces, and it's best to only use lower ASCII characters (that is, unaccented Latin letters and punctuation you'd find on a US keyboard).

    Misleading nicknames imply relevant, misleading things about the chatter. For example, misleading points of fact, an impression of undue authority, impersonating other people, or the suggestion that the client is operated by a guild, group, project or collective rather than one individual.
    Promotional nicknames are advertisements for a company, group, or guild.
    Offensive nicknames make harmonious conversation difficult or impossible. This includes vulgar language as deemed by the staff.
    Disruptive nicknames include outright trolling or personal attacks, impersonation, are extremely long, or otherwise show an intent to disrupt the chat.

    Nicknames that are inappropriate in another language, or that represent an inappropriate name with misspellings and substitutions, or do so indirectly or by implication, are still considered inappropriate.

    Treat all chatters with respect in the main channel and private messages. Mabinogi World is a fan-based public venue visited by people of diverse origins.

    Foul language and obscene images will not be tolerated. As well, messages aimed for personal attacks or flames will not be tolerated. Criticisms must be substantiated with examples to justify your beliefs.

    If you have to ask yourself whether an image may be objectional to some users, then don't show it at all.

    Profanity may be allowed based on the context, but do not attempt to cleverly circumvent this rule. Use at own peril.

    Do not mislead others in regards to IRC's commands, be sure they know what it really does, and answer honestly and generically (ie. without example data) should someone ask what the command is for something. For example, don't convince someone to change their nick to one you have control of so that you can ghost them.

    Linking to hacks or any illicit modification of Mabinogi will not be tolerated. While Mabinogi World will not praise nor censure the distribution or partaking of such activities, we will respect Nexon America's interests and its code of conduct.

    This includes asking for, or giving out, information on proxy/ip bypasses. Don't do it.

    It also includes discussing warez, torrents, or other ways to obtain things illegally. Don't do it, and don't link to related websites.

    Do not link any material intended for mature audiences as #mabinogi is a 13+ channel. This includes websites that show mature advertisements or links to mature content regardless of the featured content.

    If you must link to danbooru or other sites that host both clean and mature content, link the image directly and not to the page where the image is shown.

    #mabinogi is an English speaking chat room, please only use English in the main channel. If you wish to speak another language with others, form a new room or talk privately. The main room is intended to be understood by all patrons as best as possible.

    For better readability, please refrain from using "leet" speak or other obfuscated forms of language. Also note that, contrary to popular belief, Caps Lock is not a cruise control for "cool"; do not abuse it.

    Although #mabinogi staff does not have jurisdiction over queries, PPIRC does. Please read their rules and code of conduct and adhere to them both in and out of #mabinogi.

    By the way, a red message (in Webchat, may be different in other clients) in IRC is not a "whisper" ("private message" in IRC lingo). It is a highlight - something to direct your attention when the person uses your name. Private messages appear in their own tabs. We will be abusing this common misconception from now on to see if people have read the rules.

    Please do not spam for any reason. This includes overuse of the enter key for dramatic effect. You will likely be automatically banned by Hana. If you have to paste something that is long, use a site like and link the page instead.

    If you break a minor rule you will be kicked from the channel with information as to why you were kicked. This is to serve as a warning to you and others not to do it again.

    If your behavior persists you will be banned. It is up to the operators to determine the length of time in which you are banned from the channel.

    Circumventing a ban is also a bannable offence. Don't do it, it's barely an annoyance and we'll just keep banning you.

    Commercial messages and semi-spam such as a referral to iPods or an invitation to polls are not allowed. Such communication will earn you a swift kick.

    Advertisements attempting to sell gold in Mabinogi will not be tolerated. We have a zero-RMT (Real Money Trade) policy in this channel. Failure to recognize this rule will result in immediate, unconditional expulsion from the channel, and are not negotiable in any way.

    Also, those who have been determined to be RMTing or trading with RMTs will be permanently banned from this channel. This includes NX trades.

    Additionally, we do not allow links to any so-called "Free NX" websites.

    Finally, do not advertise unofficial (aka private) servers for any game.

    Accounts and Registration Overseas
    Please do not request accounts or guides to registering Mabinogi overseas. Different countries necessitate different methods of registration, some requiring a legitimate Resident Registration Number.

    In South Korea, it is strictly forbidden by law to disclose or to take advantage of personal information of others without a prior approval of the personnel. Korean prosecutor's office will not tolerate any unlawful behavior, and any violator will be subject to the prosecution that entails fines up to $2,000, 2 years of sentence, and further legal litigation.

    Talking about such actions will get you kicked. The only questions we will answer is if you already have access to a Nexon account and need help making a Mabinogi account. If you really want to know more about registration, use search or your favorite search engine and look it up.

    This guideline is very general and will be revised when deemed necessary by the administration team.

    Topics of Interest:
    How to connect to and use the IRC Channel

    By participating in Mabinogi World IRC channel, you agree to the above policies. If you are unable to agree, feel free not to participate in the channel at any time.
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    Changes on Nov. 7, 2012

    Added note forbidding PTS content discussion.

    Changes on Nov. 24, 2014

    Well there's no PTS anymore.
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