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Thread: Enforcement of policy by me -- a MUST-read

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    Enforcement of policy by me -- a MUST-read

    Hi, everyone.

    This is your friendly neighborhood server owner here.

    I would like to remind you that if I end up getting into enforcing policy on any of you, whether by my choice or at the mods' request, I may end up going all the way to the operating system to do it. In plain, simple English, I will make it so you cannot make contact with my server in any form possible. You will have no wiki access, you will have no forum access, nothing.

    Please read this link for more information about my stance on enforcing policies on the wiki. A lot of that applies here on the forums as well.

    In other words, you do not want me involved. Ever.

    Trust me, if you value the ability to use the forums and the wiki, you do not want me involved. You are on my machine and subject to enforcement at my sole discretion.


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    It's best not to put IJ to the test.

    Using the power of the server itself, he can not only block you, but your entire city from the server entirely if he feels it necessary to do so. I've done it to my own servers before- blocked the whole of Russia and China from them because I got tired of the spam they were sending.

    You will not win against the server owner.

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