Being in the shadows isn't all that bad. Sure, there's only a few others that are like me, but if it's people that care enough about you to make sure that you stay in your own home world. To make sure you don't leave or that your skin becomes lighter each day. To make sure you stay a true Shadow Elf.
It's rare for the thought of becoming a Light wanderer. To not be shunned constantly due to being from the shadows.

When we do enter the light counterpart of our world, we are required to wear a robe with a hood, a breathable cloth that covers our mouth, gloves, and a face mask that only shows our eyes. All of this was made as a law by our village leader. She is barely seen, but everyone says she is young and wise. And had been a Light wanderer once, before the effects of this realm consumed her. I had only left my home once to see this light world. I was in the village called Tir Chonaill. My eyes took awhile to adjust to the light.

I covered my eyes, feeling a stinging sensation. I guessed that was why our village leader choose robes that could block the sun from our eyes. I ran over to a large tree, making sure to keep my eyes covered. After a few minutes, I tried to see if my eyes would adjust once more. After a few minutes, they did. I was speechless. This so called light world was beautiful. It was warm as well. I began to wonder why we weren't allowed here.

I then remembered. If we stay in the light world for too long, our skin begins to lighten, turning to the skin of people in the light. Looking at my skin, it seemed fine. I then relized. It would take awhile to go back home. Everyone would become worried. Someone would have to come here and take me back home...