There are so many rumors of our village leader. That her skin is a more deeper royal purple. That she has fierce yellow mixed with orange and swirls of red eyes. That her expression is stern but emotionless. That she is the age of 20 and has a average body with a slight hourglass figure and well developed. That her hair is a color that never has been seen on a Shadow Elf before. That she was once a Light wanderer and she has knowledged, and that she once lived in Tir Chonaill, but was born in Filia. So many rumors, but she always leaves to train, hunt, or travel, maintaining her figure. Making sure none of us risk being hurt by the light world. Some people say they've seen her, but cannot prove their claim. Some say that the males do not say a word when catching a glimpse of her. What's really odd is that we don't know her name. But we know she protects Scail Baile and all of us that live here.

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