Hello Everyone, i thought it would be a good idea to make a profile and introduce myself because i use this place allot for the clock mostly.
I am Dragon paladin, I've been playing mabi for 7 years or so as the Milletian Known as Dragonpaly of the guild arrowstar from mari
my 3 alts are
Mysniper The old ELF (age is 276years past 25) and never reborn, also has a eiry
Dragonboy534 the blacksmith, also has a eiry
DraciasPala the Tailor

I have many pets: shire, pelican, persian, Alaskan Husky, desert cobra, Griffin, thunder dragon (2seater), bone dragon, White elephant, Yellow Jindo, Holiday Mini Bear, and a comerance partner.

i am looking forward to meeting more players and helping new ones