Hello player's and staff member's i'm glad to be here and i'm sure you all are glad to be here at AOA.

My name is Philip Nilsson irl, i'm a gamer and ofcourse loves to watch serie's, movies and listen on music.

Age: 16 years old.

Gender: Male.

I'm very interested in this game and actually looking forward for an awesome game.
I live in sweden, my hobbies is: Gaming, Music, Violin, developing, and a few more.

Better to know than not knowing: I'm very kind and friendly, i help people out if they need help and actually i'd do anything to my firends even people that i just meet. I'm loyal and trusted, i give everyone a second chanse always and i'd never lie online and most likely neither irl. What i'm about to say now is very useful to know before you get to know me better, following is: ADHD, Dyslexia, Turret's syndrome and few more of common " problems " if you can call it that.

Hopefully i'll see most of you people ingame if i now get an key in the future or when it's officially released.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Ashbringer - Philip Nilsson