You can call me Midnight. I've been playing Mabinogi for two or three years, but I only recently decided to join the Mabinogi World forums. I'm on Alexina as Rosebriar, an elf. All of my other characters are also on Alexina, because I didn't really think about joining any other servers, but it doesn't really matter that much since they're all at very low levels and I only use them for events these days.

Now a bit about myself. I love to play video games. Besides Mabinogi, I play a lot of Nintendo stuff, though I also have a PS2. I'm an Aspiring Artist, and am learning digital art, oil pastels, acrylics, and soft pastels, though I've been focusing more on digital lately, since I got a tablet a few months ago. I haven't really developed a unique style yet, since I'm still learning.

Um, what do I say now... I guess that's all!