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Thread: Doki Doki Island Event's Possibility of Returning

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    Doki Doki Island Event's Possibility of Returning

    I just found out you could get the ability to fly anywhere freely from the event and I missed it. ;_;

    So sad. What do you guys think the chances are we'll see the event come back anytime soon, say, in Valentines for spring 2015?

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    It came back once already. If Nexon runs out of ideas in the future, it'll probably be back again. That said though, the free flying ability isn't all that useful since a lot of the flying pets are faster. The only practical use I know of is to fly in raid zones to avoid attacks that are otherwise difficult to avoid.

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    Sometimes I use flight to avoid pet summon lag too ....

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    Um, I believe it will come back due to the popularity of it. Nexon seems to bring back or revamp their old events a lot, so there's a pretty big chance. I personally like the couple's flight for traveling with my girl in the air, other than that most pets are faster but those pets are as limited time as the couple's flight. Either way, it should come back at some point, maybe they'll add that dungeon they promised in Korea. :P

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