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Thread: Hey Doods~

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    Hey Doods~

    Hi to all Milletians out there~ At least that's what my friend told me to call you guys.

    Starting today, I will be playing Mabinogi. I am downloading it onto my comp right now while I'm typing this. My friend, who was a genuine veteran player from Pre-Genesis, introduced me to the game. I wasn't interested in the game back then, but I liked how unique it was when compared to most other MMORPGs out there. I got bored with every game as of late bar LoL and truth be told, I wanted to play this game after remembering it about a week ago? I contacted my friend who quit this game 2 years ago. Ironically enough, he still has ALL of his tactics and ideas from the game on some of his notebooks (I am NOT joking. Like he has tonnes of notes based on PvP and even PvE systems).

    He told me that using Mabinogi World's Forums and Wiki would help me learn the game quickly before teaching me everything he could. Since most of the knowledge he taught me were from the olden days where every skill had a Loading System, he told me I had to learn the practical approach personally. So here I am. Some of you may remember him if I tell you his name since he was a member here.

    His name is or should I say WAS, Hwarang, the White Gale.

    Yeah, I saw some of the guides he posted here on the Tips&Tech. What you guys saw was some genuine PvP Info that is of great value.

    I haven't decided on an IGN yet, but this name (The Azure Gust) is my title within my lil game group. We are called the Apex Wind. Including me now, you guys have met 2 of the Apex Wind. There are 4 of us in total, and all of us have 'Wind' associated names following a Colour of our choice. I liked calm colours like Green, Blue, etc. Since I couldn't pick out a favourite, I took Azure to take on a collective of them all (Yeah, I'm greedy. Don't judge me XD).

    Including myself, the remaining 2 members MAY join me (The Black Chant and The Scarlet Echo). But they probably won't. As for Gale, yeah he won't join at all anymore. I won't delve into it here since it's a story that left a great scar on him.

    Anyways, that was really long for an intro. Sorry about my babbling, and hope to learn a lot from you guys about the modern Mabinogi. Thanks guys~

    The Azure Gust

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    Welcome to the club. While it has been quiet on the forums as of late, don't let that get you down. There are many things to do and plenty of stuff to chat about!

    Also, welcome back to Mabinogi. May you enjoy it as you did all those years ago.

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    Yes, I will not let the lack of internet for weeks get me down! >:0 I will prevail and post to say hello~

    Welcome to the forumsssssss. Please enjoy your stay with us (Forever yo).

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