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Thread: Unlucky Welcoming

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    Unlucky Welcoming

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Thirteen. I am a Ex-Mabi Player that has decided to join your forum. Unlucky for you all I can be a bit esoteric, I gab like a moron at times, and I overall can be considered crazy. Lucky for you we might have things in common, my gab is often interesting or funny, and I am a good kind of crazy.

    I hope, when I joined this forum, to restart my fiery passion for Mabinogi. I haven't played since the combat overhaul years back. There has been times I checked on updates so I am not completely blind to the changes.

    This is where my gabbing issue takes over, so before it does I will bid you all a good day!,

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    13? Unlucky? Ha! 13 happens to be my lucky number!

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