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Thread: Making account isn't working? (Is this a bug?)

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    Unhappy Making account isn't working? (Is this a bug?)

    (I'm sorry if this question is in the wrong category, I'm new here)

    I've made a Nexon account, then downloaded Mabinogi and I got the Mabinogi Client Launcher. There's two buttons by the bottom "Homepage" and "Join Mabinogi". But the problem is, whenever I press Join Mabinogi no page pops up and nothing happens. When I press "Game Start" it opens then takes me to the login page. I first tried my Nexon account but it says invalid ID. It doesn't have another join button. Just "login" and "end game". What should I do if I can't make a Mabinogi account since it won't pop up? Is there some link someone can give me to the page since it won't open manually for me? I waited a very long time for it all to finish installing.
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    I'm not entirely sure what's going on for you, but you can always try their main page instead of the Mabi site:

    You could try signing up again, maybe? Maybe it didn't take? I don't really know.
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