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Thread: Any advice on handling Pennar from Gen 19?

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    Any advice on handling Pennar from Gen 19?

    I can get past the boars, but when it comes to Pennar I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to approach him. Obviously ranged and magic attacks aren't the answer, but when I attack him with my melee weapon he just beats the crap out of me before I can do 10% of his hits. I'd appreciate any ideas.

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    I'll be honest with you man, if you don't have demi-god, don't start G19.

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    If you have a pet (any pet) summon it and have it autoattack Pennar. When he gets close, Windmill. He should just stand there for a few seconds while your pet wails on him (so it shouldn't get hit for awhile). Repeat. If he's about to Final Hit, just run away. Final Hit turns itself off if he has to Teleport (from long range) to catch up with you. His AI is otherwise relatively simple, despite how hard he hits.

    Still, be prepared with a few Nao Stones. You're going to need them for later parts of the Generation.

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    stay behind of an obstacle and meteor him and pray for a intakill critical =D

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    I'd recommend getting Brionac or r5+ meteor. Brionac strategy, have one of your pets use a stun on him while you load Brionac, then boom, he's dead. Same strategy with r5+ Meteor but you'll have to get his full attention with your pet.

    Warning you will have to fight Pennar and two other bosses in a fight later. I heavily recommend Brionac since it's faster and less AP eating...

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