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Thread: Hullo there!

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    Hullo there!


    Name's Misu, mostly known as Misutikku, from Alexina. That feeling when there's no way to rename in this game.

    I've been playing Mabinogi for a while now, though there were a few (lots of) moments where I took long breaks from the game. But I am now getting close to Master Warrior! LF> Windmill and Final Hit r1 :C

    I've been stalking the wiki for a long time while playing, and recently decided to register on the forums. Because why not.

    So yeah, hai.

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    Creepin' on Alexina
    Welcome to the forums, we hope you enjoy your stay with us. forever.

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    Welcome to Mabinogi World. Good luck with that windmill...! took me several hours with -CP gear to get it, though that was 'back in the day' and I suppose it might be easier now.

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