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    Newcomer here, Headcanons about

    Greetings everyone, my name is James Lee McKigney and I am a guy who has Autism, Asperger's and ADHD but I am a sane person none the less. Listen, I kind of have a theory about Mabinogi in my mind.

    The whole game is about going through your last years in life.
    \/You can blame this Sonic Dissected video for this.\/

    I mean think about it, you have grown beyond your Video Youth, You used to fight against many threats, baddies, and end of the world scenarios, but you have grown old, you used to be the quickshots but now... you have grown old. Nao knows how you feel. She have been feeling like that for several millennial since she was created. (Immortality wears on people dude.) So she gives all Video Players the ability to go to one last world. One more battle. One more Life. You begin again in a youth's body but being lax and worn you decide to make the most of it. Go on adventure, get hobbies, make new friends and rest after a few hours of work.

    You proceed to go through your last Video Life every day, and nobody knows if they can find true happiness before their Game is Over. But for now you made it. Enjoy it kiddo. You earned this last life.

    I swear to abide by the rules and to be fair and to treat everybody as if they were me. I vow to be excellent to each other at all times and to be a good person all together.
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