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Thread: Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum.

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    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum.

    So, I decided to make a forum account so I could have access to the whole Mabinogi community. I love this game and I love the people in it. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Anyway, I just wanted to put myself out there so I could make new friends and such. I'm from Tarlach and my main's name is Zendarin. I'm level 2300+ and a mage. So if anyone is here from Tarlach, please add me and we'll have a great time.

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    Hi, welcome to Mabinogi World

    huh, I live in FL too.

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    I'm quite a ways late but I'll be adding you once I get home I'm from Tarlach as well, I'm pretty sure we'll get along

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    I'm from Tarlach too c:

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