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Thread: Spirit Healing Wand Reforges = "melee weapon" category?

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    Spirit Healing Wand Reforges = "melee weapon" category?

    I just got Taunt Lure enhancement on my spirit healing I'm a bit confused? Does the spirit healing wand not count as "healing wand"
    for reforge categorys,or does it simply fall into multiple categories (i.e. both melee weapon/healing wand categories) and thusly able to receive reforges from both categories?

    Also,a shorter question: Can a Spirit Healing Wand have a PARTY HEALING reforge on it?Please answer only if you've seen such / know for certain. I really would love to know
    before continuing social to 40+ lol.

    Thanks guys!!!

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    I think "melee weapon" is a bit of a misnomer and rather refers to "non-ranged weapon" but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, it does count as a healing wand and also a regular wand and a weapon and probably several other things.

    With reforges there's a gigantic pool so you rarely get what you want and certainly not more than one of what you want.
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