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Thread: No Falcon Missions? What now....

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    No Falcon Missions? What now....

    So, Ive had this account for years now...I can't remember that far back to what i did then, but i know that I don't have the falcon ability and i am an elf. I have no more missions for it or anything....

    I don't know what happened and i'm wondering what i can do to try to fix this...? I went back and tried my hardest to trace my steps, i remember the old skeleton guy(Yoff), and he's in the arena near the Mana Tunnel in Filia...but i just cant remember what missions i had done or why i no longer have any missions...

    Was there a part where your supposed to go on your own and do something and then he gives you the next mission? Am i supposed to collect the Rano(or Connous) Ancient Medals now and then i'll have it or...?

    ;w; plx halp...
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    Those missions were removed. Elves can complete [wiki]G2[/wiki] for Falcon transformation now. If you already have the medal collection book, though, I think they still drop from chests. You can find the old quest chain on the wiki still, [wiki=Falcon_Quest]here[/wiki], if you are far enough along in it. G2 is probably easier, though.
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