What's in a guild? Noble knights here beloved,
Fight for our family's honor and pride!
So you would, were you a Capulet called,
Rejoice with all our guild in favor of,
That name which connects us as a family.
And for that name, which would be a part of you,
Take all of us!

Capulet is a guild that focuses on the social aspect of the game and working together as a family. We don't have any level requirements for you to join, only that you are a friend first and will get along with us all swimmingly. Any guild runs are organized by any and all of you at any time, and the activities our guild does are on a variety of levels depending on who is online and who needs help! We also host a variety of social events and weekly recurring events/runs. More information on those can be found at our guild's website: http://capumagu.webs.com/

So, if you have decided that this guild tickles your fancy, please send a note to me in-game or add me as a friend! My in-game-name is Shakaya.

You are also welcome to contact any of our guild officers for questions if I do not respond quickly enough. Our officers are Gleem, Pyu, Yujimoto, and milkypocky.

Also feel free to post here or note/add me or any of our officers in-game for any questions you might have about the guild!

Once you have added me, if you've decided to join, I'll invite you to some guild runs and gatherings so you can start to mingle with us. You will need to have 2 referrals within Capulet to join. So, when you're invited to come start mingling with us, make sure to be social and add some of us as friends. Once you feel comfortable with some of the members, ask them to send me a note confirming that they are referring you to join our family!

We have our referral rule to be sure that you're someone we will be friends with and comfortable around. This also goes vise versa for you and will ensure that you already have some friends in the guild from the very moment you join.

Now, once I have received two referral notes for you, we will then have a short interrogation- I mean interview...

At that interview we will explain the guild rules and make sure you are willing to follow them (they're basic rules for avoiding drama and such unpleasant things) and you will be asked questions from all the Capulet members that show up to interview you! Please answer all the questions honestly!

Also, do bite your thumbs at any who's alliance lies with Montague!