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Thread: G8 problem, not found

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    Unhappy G8 problem, not found

    I finished G9-G12

    Now I want to start G8, I have the Adniel's Horn Bugle but I see no G8 mission in my quest screen.

    I've been looking in the wiki missions should be, and I have none in any tab.

    Have you removed the G8 missions?

    Sorry for my English and thanks.

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    First and foremost, Mabinogi World forums aren't the official Nexon forums, so they can't add or remove content from the game.
    They would if they could.

    Secondly, to begin G8, you first need to either complete or skip G7.

    If you want to complete G7, you need to do some Exploration for a few rare artifacts.
    See Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid for more information on that.

    If you wish to skip G7, which allows you to start G8, you can simply talk to Kousai in Cor Village, he should give you the option to do so. Do keep in mind that once you skip it, there is no way to view G7 again. (Don't fret though, nothing particularly important will be missed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleSnow View Post
    ... (Don't fret though, nothing particularly important will be missed)
    There's no achievement for it either. It's basically just a prologue for when G8 was coming out.
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