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Thread: Requesting/Posting Rules

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    Requesting/Posting Rules

    Please specify the title of the music as a name of the topic subject to help others to search.
    If you know the original code creator, please indicate his/her name at least to give a credit.
    Please be aware that original copyrights of the music belongs to actual artist.
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    Re: Requesting/Posting Rules

    this should be stickied instead of being the last post in page 4.
    which it wont be once i push this post button.

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    Re: Requesting/Posting Rules

    Usually, if you guys can provide midi file of the music, it will helps a lot^^

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    Re: Requesting/Posting Rules

    <3 i would love the song Every time we touch all my friends want it so bad and it would b realy cool if some one would make it and post it ^-^b *sigh* bye bye =D

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    I agree but how do you get a .mid or .midi file of music as most music is in .mp3 or .m3a / .m4a the .m3a or .m4a ones if on iTunes but basicly .mp3 for everything else since it is a good format and low bandwidth / low file size thus good to use where ever for a slight decrease in quality from .wav

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    Try Googling it. That works most of the time.

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    For a midi converter?
    Or the midi file itself? :O
    Cuz midi converters dont work, well theres not a program good enuff for it =c
    Unless you pay i guess buh those arent even that good really :O

    Maybe there should also be a sticky for when requesting to help or provide a midi file if possible to help whoever would be composing or be interested in helping.
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