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Thread: How can I contribute?

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    How can I contribute?

    The following policy is subject to change in the future.

    Anyone is free to make any necessary edits or create new pages in Mabinogi World Wiki as long as these following conditions are met.

    1) You have to register an account first to get a proper credit for making the edits. The registration process takes less than a minute.

    2) The informative contents must be from a validated source. Don't just translate random foreign websites that you are not 100% sure of its veracity.

    3) Any images, articles, or any type of information you collected or translated from foreign websites must be indicated with proper citation. We personally contacted some foreign fansite admins to get a permission for translating their pages. We are also planning to create a separate page to credit all other fansites, so please keep the list of your sources clean.

    4) Do not upload any contents related to Iria yet. The North American server did not even introduce G1 at this moment.

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    Re: How can I contribute?

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    Some terms are misspelt. Plus, we don't need information on Iria yet. Some decided to add it, but we're not purposely going to delete them and say "ha-ha" in the contributors' face.

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    I think several individuals misinterpreted when I said not to include any Iria related material.

    The purpose of our wiki is to deliver as much North Amercia server related contents as possible. Therefore, I did not see any reason why we need to spend our time on Iria related materials when we already have piles of contents that must be covered for Uladh. We are not even near half of contents being covered on C1.

    There are exception to this, however. Item and exploration quest pages were already completed before wiki was even released; skill section was completed with all basic pre-C2 materials, so C2 skills are now being added. Pets do not have much connection or extensive effect on gameplay itself, so they are now being added.

    We do encourage contributors to help us complete basic pre-C2 contents, but you may add any C2 related contents as long as it does not overlap the existing section. Since it is much efficient to have more users collaborating than having some to wait for all C1 contents to be completed.

    But, that world map shouldn't be added in our wiki.

    1. We have enough resources to create our own world map.
    2. Some areas did not reveal their official English names yet.

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    <3 I love the wiki!!!! <3

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    same ^-^b
    but is that how people get those 'titles'? beside their mabiworld name? like Tutorial master,old milttin? or w/e not talking about moderators here.

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    The Tutorial/Milletian/etc. ones come from your post count.

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    I'm interested in contributing to the wiki...although I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing it. The main thing is that I kinda don't like changing or adding things without permission.

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    Re: How can I contribute?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalan
    I'm interested in contributing to the wiki...although I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing it. The main thing is that I kinda don't like changing or adding things without permission.
    Odd as it may seem, it's specifically for the community at large to edit for the direct benefit of that same community. If you are well-versed about something that can be grounded in game canon, by all means contribute it!

    Though for the initiate, probably the best place to start is looking at existing articles, seeing which ones need help, like something as game-specific as character types, and the like to as mundane (but no less important) than fixing silly spelling/grammar/mechanical misteaks... er... *gets hungry* Sorry. "Mistakes". Then once you feel comfortable, you can even start creating new material, then watch others help you.

    I think GLaDOS' remark in Portal seems rather fitting here: "Thank you for helping us help you help us all." It's the community helping itself!

    Have fun!


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    Re: How can I contribute?

    I havent really contributed and im sure most people dont care but i just felt like browsing the tactics and i feel that some of these additions are quite absurd and unneeded. for example, elf tank and the 2 that follow it. Honestly, in any situation i cannot see this tactic ever being used at all. i didnt exactly want to delete the whole thing so i just added a little thing to the end of it saying its not advised to do. Another one may be stone counter. stone throw then counter... come on honestly what kind of tactic is that? that is more along boredom. It does not replace any for of magic counter. Anyway, according to the rules im allowed to make any changes i want as long as it benefits the community. Just wanted to get it out there but its probably already been announced somewhere. I would just like to see a wiki with some logic in there, not some garbage.

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