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Thread: The ^<v Game

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    The ^<v Game

    Okay, this is the all famous ^<v game if you know what it is.

    ^ is an arrow point up. basicly you put ^ at the beginning of your post and you say something about the person that posted above you. you can say ANYTHING about them, (light insults are fine just no swears)

    < is an arrow point at yourself. say something about your self at the current stats.
    anything is fine again, just no swears. (no one would swear at themselves anyways.)

    v is an arrow point down. you will predict something about the person that will post below you. same rules as above, no swears and the game goes on.

    NO DOUBLE POSTS~! meaning if you're the last one to post, you can't post again until someone posts after your last post.

    I'll start to show an example:

    ^ Is me

    < Is tired even though it's almost noon

    v Someone who likes anime?

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    Re: The ^<v Game

    I like Anime, but most of them I watch on youtube. Anime on T.V. now are mostly boring to me. (And I spend most of my time playing my games, so...)

    ^ Has posted
    < Can not find the ''v'' button
    v Is over level 30 in Mabinogi?

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    Re: The ^<v Game

    Oh man! Exactly 30 T_T! WELL ANYWAYS!!!!!!

    ^ Uses Youtube
    < Loves maces
    v Still on G1 XD

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    Re: The ^<v Game

    Haha, I've been on Tarlach's locket since my trial ran out.

    ^Prefers weapon balance

    < Prefers dex balance

    v Isn't an archer.

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    Chun Rang

    Re: The ^<v Game

    Aye. Still a newb. Or noob. Whichever you perfer.

    Anyway, not sure how to play this game but here goes.

    ^ watches romance movies?
    < is a Mabinogi newb
    v is addicted to the Mabinogi music?

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    Re: The ^<v Game

    ^ I AM addicted to some Mabinogi OST's o.o

    < Just woke up from a nap

    v Likes to eat candy

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    Re: The ^<v Game

    Lol it's me again! First wrong! I'm not addicted to candy XD

    ^ Has a sweet avy pic
    < Just got my Golem Slayer with a Single Blow Title
    V Has a crush on one of the mabi NPC's?

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    Re: The ^<v Game

    I must walk the path of shame... It's thy truth, I do. And not just one either... I think I started liking Video Game characters even before first grade...

    ^ Got the Golem Slayer with a Single Blow! Me wants one!
    < Is currently treading the path of shame, and will later get on Mabinogi.
    v Has been playing for over a year. (any version, Korean, NA, whatever)

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    Chun Rang

    Re: The ^<v Game

    Nope. But I've heard about it when Mabi first came out. Too bad I thought it was just another WoW type MMO. I. Was. Wrong.

    ^ is a Mabinogi veteran and perhaps NPC lover? Hu hu...
    < died about 5 times and accidently ate wheat flour. For serious. O_O Noob.
    v secretly likes Nao despite her being mind controlled by Nexon and sucking all your credit card deposits?


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    Re: The ^<v Game

    -_-;; how in the...

    ^has posted
    < has a black belt in KrAzY
    v is a crazy bastard?

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